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Project Description :

Evolution Body is a supplement store located in Thessaloniki, Greece. It has been providing supplements to athletes, bodybuilders, and those who just want a healthier diet since 2010. With his long history of bodybuilding contests, the owner of Evolution Body decided to build an online website to help advise new people with their gym workout routines and nutrition. In his e-shop, you can find everything you need to keep up with your nutrition and balanced diet, gym clothing for men and women, gym machines, and you can also ask for consultation regarding any workout or nutrition questions you may have. In order to sell all over Greece, Cyprus, and other European countries, Evolution Body partnered with to develop an online solution to keep all of his stores connected and organized under one website.

Athago’s ecommerce developers curated the site using OpenCart, giving Evolution Body’s administrators the ability to easily manage all the products and content of each store independently. In addition, we integrated other services like a quick smart search, multiple payments and shipping options, online client support, newsletter, blog pages, store maps, contact forms, discount product pages, group product offers, and more. Last but not least, developers developed the website to be mobile responsive, allowing all visitors the ability to access pertinent information with the touch of their finger from any device. Professional photographers made a special photo shoot for every single product on the store.

*Fun fact: The models are the store owners.

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Evolution Body Goals :

Evolution Body’s owner wanted to create one-website solution to manage all of his products, inventory, web orders, and client data into one common database in order to gather sale statistics for his store. The goal was to provide his customers an easy and smart way of searching through their massive collection of supplements, clothes, and gym machines. So he decided to come to Athago in 2016 to build a dynamic ecommerce website that could better accommodate the needs of one store manager. By focusing on a dynamic search, a modern look, light colors, and a customer-friendly environment, the design of hoped to satisfy each of their target audiences. As a result, Evolution Body sought Athago’s expertise to develop an ecommerce solution to fit their needs.

Summary :

Athago’s challenge was to create a way for the clients of to find the product they want easily and quickly, even if they couldn’t recall the supplement’s name. The solution to that problem was to create a smart product search that would search the whole product database by only typing in some letters of a product. They also included an online customer support service system such as Facebook Messenger chat, a newsletter service for digital marketing, group products, sale badges on products, multiple payments, and shipping methods. Light colors, professional photography, and high-quality graphics make Evolution Body’s website more enjoyable to visit and easy to shop with, given its easy checkout process. The responsive design of the website is easy to use, regardless of which device you use.

Website Features :