What Makes Us Better Than the Competition?

As far as talents, capabilities, and services go, Athago has you covered. Our comprehensive portfolio is a reflection of our ability to help companies:
• progress,
• take advantage of helpful trends and tools,
• flourish in a digital world, and
• remain ahead of competitors.
Athago started developing websites and hosting them over 10 years ago. The success we have achieved can be attributed to our thorough solutions for companies of all sizes. Those solutions are comprised of website design, hosting, and support; as well as our website, mobile device, and app development.

We Are Here for You When You Need Us

A priceless skill, which each one of our staff has, is the capacity to understand the needs and concepts of clients. From the moment your project begins, we will listen to what you have to say with dedication and care.

From there, we will tell you the ways we can go about executing your vision, the tools necessary to produce it, and the technology you have at your disposal. Further, our skilled marketing consultants will determine what your business’ needs are before navigating you through each development phase. This includes planning, implementation, and website maintenance (if necessary).

KBe mindful that our objective isn’t just to finish another project – we strive to achieve optimal results for you. Each one of our projects exhibits uniqueness and creativity. Research and cutting-edge technological tools are used to build them.We don’t settle for lackluster results – great results are our top priority.

Let's Build Your Image

A good resut isn’t enough for us. GREAT result is our main goal.

Speed and Technology Are Just a Couple of Things We Love

Are you concerned about the loading speed of your website? Are you concerned about how fast it loads on mobile devices? What assurances do you have that your new e-commerce store will quickly load after a month or two? Is your web app safe from hackers and attackers?

These are just some of the questions we are typically asked. Such questions motivate us to choose high-performance web servers on the cloud with impressive speeds. These servers are capable of hosting large platforms for online stores, online applications, and even small websites. The cloud servers Athago uses are guaranteed to have high-speed stability and fast loading times every month.

Fast Loading Times

Your website will perform at impressive speeds. We develop websites to be super-fast courtesy of servers running on the latest version of PHP and SSD disks as well as a few cache levels. Additionally, we provide static caching. Also we offer a CDN service that boosts performance of your website even more.

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Top-Notch Website Security

Your website’s security is managed at the application and server level. This is done by issuing SSL certificates to preserve the safety of your data. Backups are performed daily to offer you even more contentment. Our impressive security plans further safeguard your applications, your websites or your e-shops.

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More Advanced Features

High-end and advanced hosting plans are available to accommodate needs of all sorts, whether you are a small business or a large-scale corporation. Each plan includes the features you need to simplify your project at a reasonable price. We provide you with the most advanced and powerfull tools to build your applications.

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A slow loading web platform discourages visitors from accessing it. We’ve noticed many instances where visitors bailed on a website because it took too long to load. We have also seen cases where websites were on the receiving end of a malicious bot attack. We take scenarios like those into consideration when discussing the security and speed of an e-commerce website with clients.

Cache plug-ins, CDN solutions, and strong servers can speed up website loading times. Our company guarantees that each project we work on will load at optimal speeds. This accomplished by maximizing server resources. We will ensure that your website’s loading time will be just as fast as one year from now. Each month you will receive a free report about your website’s speed based on data reported by reputable and trustworthy tools (namely Google Insight and Gtmetrix).

Selecting one of our plans means you get optimal protection for your site, securing it from malware and hackers. We will continue to monitor your site and tell you about any issues that raise red flags, whether they are hacking attacks taking place in real-time or multiple logins from a suspicious account. By month’s and, you’ll also receive a report that verifies your secure website is running as it should be.

Each one of our plans for cloud hosting offers you a user-friendly environment to have the server settings managed. You’ll have the option to upgrade with ease and get fast support via our ticket communication system.

Every server account includes cPanel software preinstalled, so you can personalize your server fast and easily. cPanel is a very popular control panel that is Linux-based, and is used for online hosting accounts. cPanel allows you to manage each one of your services conveniently in one place. At the time of writing, cPanel is considered to be an industry standard. Just about every web developer is familiar with it.

User-friendly and intuitive, cPanel gives you the ability to have an online hosting account managed with optimal efficiency. Whether you need to create new FTP accounts or email addresses, monitor resources, create subdomains, or install software, cPanel simplifies these processes for you.

Once a web hosting plan is purchased, you’ll be able to access client-exclusive software and perform several actions, including:

  • track your existing purchased packages,
  • select more packages and services,
  • make payments online,
  • upgrade your plan, or
  • request help from our advanced ticket support system.
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We Develop Projects for Hardware of All Types 

Responsive design isn’t optional – it’s a necessity!

Athago’s professionals have experience working on just about every mobile project you can think of. Our portfolio is comprised of CRM software, Android/iOS apps, completely functional e-commerce stores, dynamic portals and websites, and personalized websites. With more people than ever using portable devices these days, the requirement for responsive design has become a priority for all web developers. Web apps need to function on all devices, including tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, Macs, and PCs.

This is why responsive design is prioritized by Athago. We understand how challenging it can be for an app or website to be inaccessible because its design is incompatible on smaller screens. Our skilled staff of developers guarantees that each project can be accessed from any device. Have a look at our host catalog for more information.

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24/7 Customer Support

Get Project Managers and Developers to Take Your Project On Today!

Athago provides clients with 24/7 customer support. Our mobile programmers, digital advertisers, graphic designers, web developers, project managers, sales managers, and support teams can aid you in fixing issues and starting new projects. They can be hired straight from the client area – you don’t need to make a physical appointment! They’ll be able to begin working immediately on whatever your project is.

Versatile Credit Packs

Select a pack that accommodates your needs. Every credit is worth a half-hour. The credit prices get lower based on the volume of credits you purchase. Request a consultation at no charge and determine which package is ideal for your site.


Your project can be managed online. Offer input and see what tasks are being handled (and by whom). It’s almost as if you’re in a room with the designers and developers working on your project. Observe progress, determine what needs to be done, and see what has been done whenever you want.

Establish Your Priorities

Figure out what your priorities are by rearranging your tasks. You have the option of offering feedback and speaking with developers either by phone or chat whenever you need to.


You can offer your input for any task via phone or online. You can speak to our developers, project managers, and designers directly. You’ll be on a first-name basis with them, and they will be familiar with your project’s particulars.


Get a quote for your project before you approve it. Monitor the progress for every task, and find out the amount of time that is necessary for each one.


We work compressively fast and respond to every message within 24 hours (although the average response time is less than a few hours).


We Will Train You and Offer Recommendations for FREE

You’ll always be kept in the loop!

During our initial meeting, when you tell us about your plans, one of our project managers will tell you ways this concept can come into fruition, what techniques and technologies can make it happen, and what the competition has done. In doing so, we will be able to design plans that are more accurate – and that includes plans for business marketing. Regardless of which of our services you select (Marketing, Mobile Apps, Web Development, or Branding), you can trust our offer to be contemporary and competitive.

During the process of development, if new technology is unveiled, we will tell you all about it and explain how it could potentially be incorporated into a project..

Lastly, our experts will train you on how to use your project if it involves a mobile app, web portal, e-commerce store, or website. You’ll also find out how you can capitalize on social media, search engines, and the internet to market your business and increase the amount of visitors and purchases made from your store. You’ll also find out other relevant concepts or options available that can be implemented into your project.

Great team, Great communication throughout the project, Great results. I’ve seen my ROI scaling up to 300% the last 3 months.

Thank you

- CPI Owner

Nikolaos, CEO of Athago is a great contractor who I consistently rehire for all my web development and design needs. I highly recommend him!

- Justin Lee

Athago team went above and beyond to get my website up and published. I had many requests and edits throughout the process and they consistently responded quickly and never had an issue with my changes. I will definitely be re-hiring him in the future for other development projects.

- Joanna Bond

Athago team did a phenomenal job at tailoring every aspect of the website to exactly what I had requested. Often, I didn’t have ideas more specific than “Can you make it kind of like this aspect of this other website” and they delivered something that was beyond what I expected. I would hire him again, and plan on doing so for further modifications to this website as my company’s needs evolve.

- Michael Fidell (Compass)

Athago’s support team has Amazing communicators. Always easy to reach/responds very quickly. Very helpful when client doesn’t understand technical issues and takes the time to explain/walkthrough steps when necessary. After just a few days of working with them, I was confident in their skills, integrity, and work ethic. I trusted them with recommendations as if they were a part of my team. I will definitely be working with this team in the future.

- Amjaad Alhussain (Sifra Foods)

Athago team has done Great work, very creative and communicated with me through the whole entire process. The ability to listen to the need for what we were looking for impressed us the most. Definitely will recommend to any and everyone!!

- Lorenzo Nichols (ASOP apparel)

Athago team helped me out tremendously today. Their deep knowledge and expertise in the field of programming and web design helped me to better understand my own project! Hiring managers: imagine the value added to your project or organization by hiring a professional that can take your project to its highest level! They are timely, articulate, communicative and work at great speeds. If they are in your pool of applicants, you would be wise to, at the very least, reach out to them to get their thoughts on what you are doing. Thanks Athago!

- Samuel Castilla (Consultation)

Athago team were fast and professional, while still being very friendly. Their communication was timely and informative. They did several things that were not specified in the contract to ensure that the work required by the contract went smoothly and worked well for us in the end. Our company will surely use them for future needs. Thank you!

- Gretchen Adams (State 42 Wines)

Athago support team make themselfs available, ask questions, and walk me through exactly what they are doing, so I understand the full scope of the problem. We had shopping cart issues, which they immediately jumped on as soon as they saw my message, knowing how important that is for my business!

- Kattie Picket (Milk Dust)

Athago’s team was knowledgeable, prompt, and offered extrememly useful suggestions on how to improve the site that we had not previously considered. Their WordPress expertise was impressive and we will be sure to tap into their skills again. Recommend highly!

- Judine O’Shea (Law Firm)

Athago team did a great job. Start to finish, we had excellent communication. They were highly skilled, worked quickly, understood the job needs, asked appropriate questions and finished the job on time and on budget. I look forward to working with them again!

- BrentUnderwood (Marketing Firm)

A great experiences working with Athago! They are gentlemen in communicating and skilled in their craft. Were able to quickly trouble shoot the web issue I had and resolve. I would absolutely work with them again in the future!

– Joshua Silverman (E-commerce owner)